Accounting Software Specific Terms of Use

EasyGSTpro, an Online Accounting Service is provided to you or the entity that you represent (hereinafter “You” or “Your”) by World IT Dimensional Solutions (hereinafter “WITDS”), according to the following terms and conditions (hereinafter “Terms”) in addition to WITDS General Terms of Service. Use of EasyGSTpro signifies your acceptance of the Terms and General Terms of Service. If you do not agree to the terms, do not proceed or use EasyGSTpro in any manner.

Accessing EasyGSTpro

EasyGSTpro is a part of WITDS suite of online collaboration, business and productivity applications. You will be able to access EasyGSTpro by using your account created on (hereinafter “EasyGSTpro Account”).

Accessing other WITDS Services

Many WITDS Services are integrated with EasyGSTpro. Use of some of these WITDS Services may require acceptance of terms of service specific to such WITDS Services (hereinafter “Service Specific Terms”). You must read, understand and accept the Service Specific Terms before using the corresponding WITDS Service.

Accessing third party applications integrated with EasyGSTpro

Many third party applications (hereinafter “Third Party Application(s)”) are integrated with EasyGSTpro. WITDS will also be integrating more Third Party Applications with EasyGSTpro. In addition, you may also integrate any other Third Party Application with EasyGSTpro by using the API if such Third Party Application allows such integration. Access and use of Third Party Applications may require acceptance of terms of service and privacy policy applicable to such Third Party Applications (hereinafter “Third Party Terms”). You are responsible for reading and understanding the Third Party Terms before accessing or using any Third Party Application.

Modification of Terms of Use

WITDS reserves the right to modify EasyGSTpro Terms of Use. Modifications to the Terms of Use are effective upon your use of EasyGSTpro, subsequent to publication of such modification.